Busy Bee? No problem!

Lions believe in family and business first.

There are so many different ways that a Lion can serve whether they are working, have kids, are traveling, retired, or need to stay at home.

Here's some ideas of what you can do to give back to your community if that sounds like you: 

Single Events: Can't make it out to every meeting? No worries! Every event needs volunteers, whether you were at the meetings or not. 

Plan Events: Collaborate with your fellow Lions to plan a service project or fundraiser. Whether in person or online, you can grab a snack and lend a paw to furthering the mission of 'We Serve'!

Call or Email: To make service possible, we have to get ahold of venues, sponsors, and fellow volunteers. By taking ten to twenty minutes out of your day, you free up another Lion to help somewhere else.

Marketing: For successful service, the community needs to know when, where, and how we plan to serve them. From making flyers and managing the website to announcing events at city hall, you can make a big difference today!

Social Media: Speaking of getting the word out, how do you learn about events? It's likely that either you or people you know get a lot of information from social media. Not only can this be done remotely, but it's a great opportunity to practice a variety of skills!

Family Time: Make service time family time! Being a Lion isn't a solitary venture. Not only do you gain a new pride, but we encourage you to bring your family, too!

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