West Covina Lions Club Supports Youth!

The West Covina Lions Club provided 2,932 students free vision screenings between August and October 2022.

Youth Back to School 2022

West Covina Lions Club donated a total of $1,000 to Monte Vista Elementary School in the form of 100 backpacks (equivalent to $700) and $300 for the school to use for supplies at their discretion on Friday.

We would like to thank Principal Kessler and GST Coordinator Jany Huang for including us in this big event where multiple different clubs and individual donors came together to raise a total of $12,000.

Sometimes we wonder where the money goes when people fundraise. This is where. Right back to the community we live in and to the people who need it most.

Youth are our future and West Covina Lions Club serves youth. By doing so, we support a brighter tomorrow.

Painting Van Gogh

The West Covina Lions Club enjoyed a Paint Night Fundraiser with the residents of West Covina and Commerce's Lions Club members on May 13th, 2022. The inspiration for the event was one of Vincent Van Gogh's most famous art series: Sunflowers.

Lion Lucy led attendees in mixing colors, layering, and just having a good time. 

A big thank you to everyone who came out to paint with us while helping raise funds for our community service programs! 

Three Outstanding Students Awarded the West Covina Lions Club Scholarship 2022!

Angelina Martinez from Mt. SAC Early College Academy, Jiaqi Liang from West Covina High School, and Karyme Padilla from West Covina High School have all been awarded the West Covina Lions Club Scholarship for their outstanding efforts to serve their local community in order to support them as they continue their studies in higher education. We were highly impressed with their desire to continue volunteering as they pursue their degrees and their efforts to prepare to do so while still maintaining ties to their home community. 

We hope to encourage students to continue serving in their local areas and reward them for all that they have done so far by awarding this scholarship. 

Many thanks to all the school personnel who made this possible by reaching out to students about this opportunity and coordinating with Lions Club committee members to ensure that students receieved the information necessary to apply. One of our Lions' missions is to strengthen communities. The spirit of this mission can be seen in the counselors, teachers, and school staff that have supported and continue to support students in their academic endeavors in West Covina. These students will be our future and so, you have our gratitude. 

Lion of the Month : Fred Sykes

Congratulations to Lion Fred Sykes for being named our April Lion of the Month! 

Lion Fred is our Membership Chair and always keeps our Lions updated with what is happening throughout our city. He is always one of the first to volunteer to help at our events.

Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do in our community!

West Covina Lions Club Honors Lion Bradley McFadden on Arbor Day 2022

Our very own Lion Brad had a tree planted in his memory for his dedication to our community as a past West Covina Mayor and West Covina Lions Club Member. Lions Vicki, Don, and Fred attended the tree planting event to show their support.

Sorting Used Glasses at the Historical Hall

April 30th, 2022 marked the date for our Used Glasses Sorting Party. Lions Club members and community volunteers came together to sort glasses to be washed and measured for prescriptions. These glasses will then be given to those in need for free at upcoming Lions Community Vision Screening Events across America. 

Another Addition to West Covina Lions Club

Congratulations to our newest and youngest Lion, Roland Conley! Roland is a new West Covina resident and is eager to give back to our community. Welcome, Roland! We are so glad to have you join us!

New Member Joins the Pride!

Congratulations to our newest Lion, Lucy Kou! 

Lucy is a local West Covina resident and the business owner of Ice Cream Chef. Tonight, Lucy was inducted into our club by our very own Lions District Governor Harry Shuster. 

Welcome, Lucy! We are so happy to have you join us!

West Covina Lions Club Booths at Family Fest 2021

We spent Sunday at West Covina’s Family Fest to rally against bullying and spread awareness about the West Covina Lions Club’s upcoming free community vision screening. 

It was great seeing our community come together for a great cause!

Lion Vicki Scheliga

Lion Vicki Scheliga was awarded “Citizen of the Year for 2019”. Congratulations Vicki, well deserved. Thank you for all your community service and hard work. 

Four Students Awarded College Scholarships

The scholarship winners are Keila Huacuja and Peter Tran of Edgewood High School, Jacob Gonzalez of International Polytechnic High School, and Megan Tran of West Covina High School.

These scholarship awards are based on both the academic achievement and community service of the student.

As Lions, our goal is to encourage and reward the volunteerism performed by students.

Members of our Club strongly believe in higher education and eagerly encourage students to attend college. We believe that college provides a stimulating environment for broadening the academic and social knowledge base of youth. We also encourage students to continue their volunteer work in the community.

Lions Villagomez and Shuster Named Melvin Jones Fellows

Longtime West Covina Lions Beatriz Villagomez and Harry Shuster were named Melvin Jones Fellows at the District 4-L2 Luncheon on Sunday, February 26. Pictured from left are District Governor Manny Sanchez, Lion Harry Shuster, PDG Roger Powell, and Lion Beatriz Villagomez.
Our Club donated $1,000 on behalf of Bea Villagomez to the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF). LCIF uses these funds for the many services and contributions it provides throughout the world.

West Covina Lion Lino Barro Honored By City of Hope

On behalf of the City of Hope, Cindy Trinn presented Lion Lino Barro with a beautiful plaque and thanked him for his 16 years of volunteer work. Through all those years, Lino met monthly with City of Hope’s Institution Review Board. Members of this Board are scientists and doctors who review current medical research. Lino’s assignment was to read thousands of pages of protocols to help determine if they are written in English that can be understood by the average person.
In addition, Lino’s name has been added to the Kay Fukushima Wall in the City of Hope Rose Garden. During the time when Kay Fukushima was the Lions International President, Lino worked closely with him as an assistant.

Lions Love Their New Labrador Puppy

Sam is a black Labrador retriever puppy who was born May 11, 2015.

West Covina Lions are sponsoring this loveable puppy through Guide Dogs of the Desert. He was named Sam to honor one of our beloved past members, Sam Swartz.

Guide dogs from Guide Dogs of the Desert change the lives of the blind by offering them safe mobility, loving companionship, and life-enhancing independence.

Puppy Sam has been placed in a volunteer puppy raiser home to learn about the world and to form that important first bond with humans. He will spend the next 14-16 months being taught good manners, being socialized, and getting lots of love. During this time, the puppy raiser will take Sam to puppy training classes, puppy fun days, restaurants, on vacation, and if possible to work or school.

Between age 20-24 months, Sam will return to the school for formal guide dog training. He will then undergo a variety of tests to determine his ability to perform the demanding work of a guide dog. These include heart, hip, shoulder, and elbow x-rays, an eye exam, and behavioral evaluations.

If Sam does not meet the requirements to become a guide dog, there are several “change of career” options which Guide Dogs of the Desert will explore. The organization is now collaborating with organizations that train dogs for Medical Alert, PTSD, Autism, and Balance and Mobility Service.


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