2022 - 2023
Lion Stuart York

Where There's a Need, There's a Lion

We believe in changing the world by serving the needs of our local communities. More than 1.4 million Lions around the world are responding to local and global challenges with kindness and care. Come volunteer with us!

How to Join: 
We invite anyone who is interested to attend our meetings and learn more about what we do as Lions.
Once you've decided to join, you will need a current Lions Club member to sponsor you. This means that they will bring your Lions Membership Application to our Board of Directors to vote on.
Once your membership application has been approved by a majority vote of the Board, you will be extended an invitation to join the West Covina Lions Club.

We look forward to serving alongside you on your service journey!

Click here to request access to a printable form: Lions Membership Application.

Cost of Annual Membership: $142.00
*Subject to changes made by vote of Board of Directors

Lions International New Member Entry Fee: $46 (Starting July 1st, 2023) 

How did we come to the number $142?
In Lions Club International, clubs are organized by geographical area. We pay International dues ($43 per year), Multiple District 4 dues ($18 per year), District L2 dues ($11 per year), and club dues ($70). The structure runs from largest area to smallest similar to how our country would be divided into states and then counties and within those counties are cities. These dues make it possible for members to go to leadership trainings without paying additional costs and go towards the administrative duties of running a club. If a member were to attend several District meetings (~$30 or $40 meals) or attend a Leadership Institute (~$400) in which the member would be reimbursed by the club, this would more than equal the amount of dues a member pays annually.   
For more information, please contact our Membership Chairperson:
Lion Fred Sykes
(626) 806-4272
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