How to Become a West Covina Lion

  1. Attend a program meeting
  2. Fill out and submit new member form with your sponsoring Lion
  3. Once the board approves your application, pay $143 annual dues via check 
  4. Induction ceremony with five minutes to speak and now you are officially a Lion!
Who Can Be a Lion: Anyone 18 and over

Cost of Annual Membership: $143.00 + Lions Clubs International New Member Entry Fee: $46
*Subject to changes made by vote of Board of Directors
**West Covina Lions Club will cover new member entry fee for new members
***Please let us know if you would like to discuss paying in installments instead of once annually when you apply

What does this money go towards? District meetings, leadership institutes, trainings, club administrative costs like this website, etc. 

What is a sponsor? A current Lions Club member who agrees to mentor you as a new Lion 

What is a Board of Directors? A group of Lions elected by the club membership to serve in officer positions and/or as Directors that vote on club decisions 

Who can attend business meetings aka "board meetings"? Any West Covina Lions Club member regardless of whether they hold an officer or Director position

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